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Affiliate Program
Our Affiliate Program (AP) allows individuals and companies to promote and market the OMNI V Blender without having to invest in or tie up capital for inventory.

Our AP allows you to enter your account and look up your sales and status independently. You will get paid for your efforts that lead to a sale. So start earning money now and join our affiliate program.

>>How the Affiliate Program works<<
1. The Affiliate Marketer (AM) owns an OMNI V blender purchased from The AM associate understands how to use the OMNI blender.

2. The AM has a website or creates a website, e-mail newsletter, blog etc, or alternatively uses his/her AM ID to call in or have his contacts call us or visit our website to place their orders. (Note, we need to know who to allocate the commission credit too at the time of purchase - we do not match up commission credits after an AM finds out he didn't get paid). Make sure you understand this process!

3.Customers are attracted by the website, text, content, etc...

4.Customer clicks on the purchase link on the said AM website or link to learn more about the product on

5. A cookie is placed into the customer's computer that has the originating affiliate marketer's information stored.

6. When the customer purchases the blender on right away, the information in the stored cookie will tell us where the sale came from and link the commission payout to the affiliate marketer who promoted the blender and lead the customer to

7. After 30 days of the purchase, the affiliate marketer receives the credit for this blender sale if the blender has not been returned.

8. Once your account has accumulated R 1000.00, we will pay out the commission amount, provided each purchase has aged at least 30 days after the purchase date of said blenders. This is due to our return policy. We want to avoid paying commissions on a blender sold which is then returned and we have to get the commissions back from you.

1. Please note, you need to purchase an OMNI V blender from us for R 2995.00 plus delivery, before you can get approved as an AP associate >> Purchase Now. If you already have a blender, we will know.

2. You need to be 18 years or older and a South African resident to promote the OMNI V Blender with us.

3. You may only sign up once to our Affiliate Program.

4. We do not charge any affiliate membership fees or enrollment fees. The type of marketing efforts and strategies are totally up to you.

>>Most Important Rules<<
The most important rules to understand and abide by are these:

1. You need to own an OMNI V blender purchased from us and be familiar with it before you can start. If you know how to blend and how to use the 3 hp blender and hopefully have compared it with the competitors equivalent but much more expensive blenders yourself, it can make you more successful.

2. Promote the OMNI blenders as much as possible wherever you want to, online, offline, on the back of your car , wear a T-Shirt, and where ever you like.

3. One major limitation: We ask that you promote the blender at the price for which we actually sell it for and have it priced at. You promote the blender for us,, and you don't sell it because you are not inventorying it.

4. We sell the blenders and not you. The point of sale is in South Africa. Therefore we also charge VAT if the blender is delivered within South Africa.

5. On your online advertising campaigns, listings, and posts and/or website(s), please do not imply or insinuate in any way or form directly or through third parties that you offer any kind of discount, rebate, kick-back, and/or accessories or free-bees, or value-added bonus(es), along with the purchase, or thereafter. The most effective promoting is never based on price. The OMNI blender is very attractively priced in comparison to its competitors in the market place. Carrying for your customer is always the most important and most effective way to promote. With that in mind, you will bring the greatest value to the sales and purchase table.

6. You are only promoting the OMNI V Blender and associated components or parts. You are not selling it! We do the selling. You only send us referrals. And for that you get paid 10% referral fee if the sale goes through.

7. Please note, you can only be credited the appropriate commission if we can link the applicable sale to you as the referral originator at the time of the sale! You will get an affiliate marketer number. If your customer-referral calls us with an order, then he/she needs to tell us your affiliate marketer number so we can link the sale. But we really prefer online purchases. If your customer uses the online system originating on your website, our system will know from where the referral came. We use cookies that keep your information recorded.

>>Industries to Market to<<
If you already have a business that is associated to a health-related support product and/or service, either brick-and-mortar, and/or just online or both, you just can add the great OMNI 3 HP blender to your product portfolio. Great industries that we suggest to consider promoting the OMNI Blender too are these:

- Restaurant equipment sales
- Blender sales
- Kitchen appliances
- Health-food stores
- juicers and juicing services
- Food processing
- Saunas and spas
- Sports and exercise locations and services
- Weight-loss and dieting
- Diabetes treatment facilities
- Cancer treatment institutions
- Chiropractors
- massage therapists
- Schools that teach chiropractic and massage therapy
- Smoothie shops restaurants (smoothie shops or others)
- Health-food markets
- Raw food propagating and preparing facilities
- Any household kitchen community and co-op farms and organic crop growers
- Any kind of business and office with break-rooms
- Vegetarian consulting services and kitchens
- Doctor Offices
- Military groups

>>How to Join the Affiliate Program<<
Register as an Affiliate Marketer and follow the steps.

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